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Blackjack Basic Rules for Beginners

The popularity of online blackjack in Asia has been a longstanding one and its success is undeniable both in real and virtual casinos. Is it because this game gives the opportunity to challenge the bank?

The goal of this game is very simple and it is certainly why it is so popular with hard and online casino fans: you must get as close as possible to the value 21 by collecting a certain number of cards and combining them.

Blackjack starts with determining the bet of the different players, who all play individually against the dealer. So it does not matter how many fellow players you have at a given table, because they do not influence your own game.

After choosing the bet, the dealer gives each player two open cards. Casinos often use six or seven packs of cards, with the cards being shuffled an extra time in the meantime. So it is virtually impossible to count the cards and base your tactics on them while playing.

The dealer herself receives an open and closed card when sharing. When each participating player has received his or her cards, the dealer visits each player to offer the option of stopping (stand), taking an extra card (hit) or splitting.

Each card represents the value it indicates (so the 5 is worth 5, the 10 is worth 10, etc.), the face cards for their part are worth 10 each and the Ace is worth either 1 or 11 depending on what best suits the player. It’s up to you.

Stand, Hit, and Split

When a player decides to quit (stand), the number of points that is currently on his or her box is retained. If a player immediately has twenty-one card points after a division, we say it a ‘blackjack’ and the player gets 1.5 times his or her return.

With an additional card (hit), the player is dealt a third card, with the above options presented again. In principle, you can ask for as many cards as you want until you pass over twenty one card points.

Splitting is only possible if you have two cards of the same rank after the first division. You can form an extra row of the two cards of the same rank, with each row immediately receiving an extra card. Note, because when splitting you have to bet extra for the extra row that you form. However, it does provide an additional chance to win the game.

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