90agency March 14, 2020
Gaming Fun of the Future

Do you want a really authentic casino feeling in your home walls? Then a Virtual Reality (VR) casino is just the thing. Virtual Reality technology is on the rise and is preparing to conquer online casinos. Players can look forward to unimagined possibilities in which virtuality and reality merge.

VR is a computer technology in which a real or invented environment is realistically displayed in real-time and 3D optics as a virtual space. To be able to experience the virtual environment that surrounds you in 360 degrees, the user must wear special technical aids such as VR glasses, headsets or helmets. Integrated displays in the special glasses project the wearer the virtual world directly onto the retina and thus into the eyes.

This perfectly conveys the feeling of “immersion” in computer-generated reality. This is also the unique selling point of this technology.

Another characteristic of virtual reality is the possibility of interaction for the player. The physical presence of the user is simulated and it merges with the virtual environment. If the player moves his head or arm, it moves in the same direction in virtual reality. So the user can move freely in the virtual environment and has the feeling of being real and holistic in the virtual world thanks to the mediated 3D optics.

You can also look in any direction. By moving the head or eyes, as in reality, you can see the corresponding image section. With good VR applications, the user gets the feeling of being somewhere else.

There are hundreds of online casinos out there, but if you are looking for a VR casino, you will quickly find that they have a shadowy existence in the iGambling industry and this trend has only changed slowly so far. However, VR technology for online casinos is not yet fully developed and this modern technology has not yet been able to establish itself sustainably in the broad mass market.

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