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Why Is Gambling Dangerous at a Young Age?

Young people are increasingly starting to gamble online. This is dangerous because they are not always aware of the dangers and risks of gambling.

Curiosity introduces young people to the world of online gambling, but when does a game become dangerous? And what do you do as a parent or friend when you notice that someone gambles a lot?

Young People Gamble by Telephone

Gambling is prohibited for minors. But it is quite easy to play online gambling games without having to report your true age. Also, many websites or games are not initially described as gambling, but contain temptations to buy additional options or chance to win a prize. Figures show that nevertheless hundreds of thousands of young people gamble, mostly via their phone. They also bet money on sports matches via their phone or laptop.

Games Are More Like Gambling Games

The current games are nothing like what we used to play with. Nowadays, almost all games have gadgets, virtual things for the dolls that are played with, such as weapons or clothing. Kids are made to gamble by loot boxes they can buy, surprise packs that allow you to get those gadgets. However, the chance that it contains exactly the gadget that a child would like is small. It is therefore tempted to make another purchase.

Dangers of Gambling

  • Debt through gambling. The biggest risk factor of an addiction is financial problems.
  • Physical reactions such as headache, tremors or fatigue. Gamblers often forget to take good care of themselves.
  • Neglecting school or study.
  • Social isolation.

Recognise Gambling Addiction

The environment is important to recognize signs of a gambling addiction. You can also do something yourself. Discuss the behavior and prevent gambling from becoming really dangerous.

The following useful tips to avoid our children from gambling addiction:

  • Keep an eye on your child’s internet behavior; regularly check the web history and see if any programs are installed, such as Poker Stars, a program that allows you to play poker on the computer.
  • Check the bank details and be alert to regular debits and income via e-wallets such as Paypal and Neteller.
  • Create an atmosphere of openness at home in which making mistakes is part and talking about online gambling with your children. The chance of addiction is smaller when things can be discussed.

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