90agency July 4, 2020
Counting Cards in Blackjack

Winning a game of blackjack may seem like luck, but it is possible to play on the odds by learning to count blackjack cards in the hot shoe. An increasing number of players in Singapore and Malaysia seem to want to look into the technique of counting cards during their games in this game of chance.

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How to count blackjack cards if you do not know the number of points assigned to each of them? Let’s start this article by recalling the value of each card with one hand.

The numbered cards give you the number of points indicated from 2 to 10. The Ace will give you 1 or 10 points to choose from, and the figures 10 points.

Now that you know this, you will be able to look into the basic strategy of betting against the house while you are counting cards on the table.

Counting blackjack cards online involves understanding whether the rest of the shoe is made up of strong cards or not. Your decisions will be different depending on whether you are dealing with a hot or cold hoof.

Aces and 10, Jack, King and Queen count for -1 point. The 2,3,4,5 and 6 are worth +1, and the 7, 8, and 9 give zero point. When the dealer deals the first card, the score is 0. Then you just need to count as quickly as possible, to get an idea of ​​the situation.

The counting of blackjack cards is not allowed at casinos in Singapore and Malaysia. However, it is difficult for an online gaming site to understand if the player counts the cards dealt. You will therefore have the chance to try to apply this technique on your bets in establishments of the net.

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