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Everything You Should Know about Baccarat Side Betting

As their name suggests, baccarat side betting or additional betting that you can play if you wish. When playing baccarat, place a bank, player or tie game, but do not place secondary betting. Knowing that the main betting pay lower winning, many players may want to try their luck with optional betting.

Secondary betting is available on virtual and live baccarat tables and vary from game to game. Each of them has its own payout and has a different house edge.

Let’s find out more about the most popular Baccarat side betting you can play online.

Dragon Bonus Side Betting

This is one of the most popular secondary games at baccarat. You can play it on the banker or player side and win up to 30: 1. The first winning is awarded when the selected part wins by 9 natural points.

With this side betting, you can also win when the page you placed the side betting on wins by at least 4 points. The payouts are lower with an overall lower value, so a 4-point win earns you 1: 1, 5 points earn you 2: 1 and with a 6-point win, the Dragon Bonus bet pays 4: 1.

The higher the sum, the bigger the winnings, so 8 points earns you 10: 1, while 7 points gives you a payout of 6: 1.

The Dragon Bonus betting on the player side has a house edge of 2.65%, which makes it one of the best secondary games in the industry. On the other hand, the side betting on banker has a house edge of 9.37%.

Perfect Pair Side Betting

Perfect Pair is one of the most common side bets you can play at baccarat. Pay when the first two cards are identical in the sense that they have the same value and suit. With this side bet you can win 25: 1.

When it comes to the house edge, it varies depending on the number of decks in the game. With a 6-deck shoe, Perfect Pair Side betting has 17% house edge, while the house edge decreases by 13% when playing with 8 card tips.

Super 6 Side Betting

Available in Super 6 Baccarat, the side betting of the same name pays out when the dealer gets 6. This is a kind of insurance, as the main baccarat betting in this game only payout 0.5: 1. On the other hand, betting dealers pay 1: 1 when they win with all other scores. If you win on the Super 6 betting, you will be paid out 12: 1. However, this side betting has a limited house edge of 29.98%.

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