90agency August 29, 2019
Online Sicbo Strategy

Out of all online casino games, Sic Bo is the most overlooked game in the casino gaming category, and this is the reason why. While most card games such as Baccarat and Blackjack have betting strategies, but for Sic Bo, what you handle in the game is 3 dice that are played on the table. If you are lucky, you will predict the correct numbers and win. But on the other hand, you will lose the game if you predict wrong numbers.

Players seem to think that Sic Bo is only a game that requires luck, which is actually all right. This game comes with the strategy that we called the Hi

Lo formula.
Playing Sic Bo sometimes requires placing risky bets in order to receive a high return in the game. For example, placing a bet 2-2-2 is considered the highest risk bet in the game. But if the game results are like this, you can actually win up to 150-180 times the amount you bet on it, depending on the conditions of each online casino.

However, even though the return of this type of bet is very high but the possibility is very low as well with an average of only 0.46%. Regardless of the Sic Bo of any casino, the question is, can you win with a 2-2-2 bet? Can it be worth it if you know what you are doing? Even though it is a low average bet and there is very little possibility to occur. But combining this type of betting with other types of bets can help you to win money in the game slowly and continuously.

We will explain more about this formula to make you understand more. Try using number 2 in Sic Bo as an example. Since you put the chip 1 to 2-2-2, the return in this situation will be 180 to 1. In this same game, put the chip to the pair 2-2. The other 1 chip returns will be 10 to 1 and last. Place a single bet of 2, 3 more chips, which will pay 1 to 1, meaning you bet 5 chips in this game.

We believe that betting strategies can help Sic Bo players have a chance to win at all. One of the most common betting strategies is that can help you to increase doubling your bet when you lose.

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