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Live22 Online Casino

Probably, you have met many casino games of roulette, even if you have never played it before. Perhaps you had the motivation to play Live22 online roulette, but because of a small amount of knowledge in this area, you abandoned this idea.

Online casino roulette games are the heart of all major casinos. They just like to give players a chance to try. In the movies you could already see what the game table looks like. While it may seem intimidating to some degree, roulette online for free is one simple move for the players – so that the ball gets into the right number field.

Understanding Roulette Rules
So, there are 2 types of roulettes:
• European roulette online – it has fields numbered from 0 to 36. That is, there are 37 of them in total. The casino winning percentage is 2.63%.
• American online roulette fields are also numbered from 0 to 36. But besides those, there is an additional cell 00. In this case, the casino winning percentage is 5.26%.

Regardless of whether you play online roulette in a real casino or an online casino, the basics remain the same.

Game Table
On the gaming table are the individual numbers. Outside the field with numbers are different blocks for columns (columns). Thus, you can see red / black, as well as even / odd next to groups of numbers. The numbers are arranged in 12 different rows of three numbers, which form 2 vertical columns. Zero and double zero are on top.

Chips and Distribution
When playing roulette, disputes often arise, and to avoid fights, the casinos have come up with an impressive idea: giving different colored chips to different players. The same goes for online roulette for free with cash prizes.

Chips cannot be used on other tables, so they need to be cashed on standard chips after the game ends. Cash withdrawal from the cashier is prohibited. Each table has its maximum and minimum rates. Internal and external rates cannot be combined to reach the minimum limit.

If you have already placed a bet on your number, you can still place a bet on the same number by placing your chips on top of those already placed. Place your bets until the dealer says: “Bets are no longer accepted.” But remember that despite the fact that the casino always has good bonuses and impressions, it always has an advantage. Use your intuition, luck, and, of course, the same logic and analytics.

Are you eager to try online roulette for real money? Then, LIVE22 is the best place to play the game from the comfort of your home.

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