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Martingale – What Is Martingale and How to Use It in Gambling

The Martingale system is one of the most controversial mathematical methods used in sports betting and games of chance. It deals with probabilities, based on the statistical principle that a result cannot be repeated forever. If you are losing, you will eventually win again.

Martingale is widely used by Roullete, players, who continuously bet on the same colour or number, until they win. But does Martingale’s technique really work? In what situations is it appropriate and in what situations can it be dangerous?

Martingale in Sports Betting

Martingale may make some sense in the currency situation, but not in sports betting. Sportsbooks’ odds are never 50% for each outcome.

In sports like football or even like formula 1, one carelessness is enough for the favourite to lose it position and the whole game or race changes.

Still, if you want you can try using the method. Just look for an event and market with an odd of 2.00 or very close to it. If you lose: look for another event with the same odd value and bet twice as much as you bet the first time.

Martingale at Casino Games

Some bettors advocate the use of the Martingale system in casino games. Especially in Roulette, because you have situations where the probability of defeat is equal to that of win:

1. Bet on colors: black or red

2. Bet on numbers: even or odd and high or low

If you bet that a black number will come out and a red one comes out, you can apply Martingale and double the bet until the ball falls into a black hole.

It works? It can work, of course, but it takes a lot of discipline and a high bank so you don’t break down quickly.

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