90agency December 5, 2020
Mobile Live Casino vs. Computer

With such powerful technology available, you practically always have the casino with you wherever you are and everything from commuting to work or the holiday trip is magically transformed into your own personal paradise for cards and gambling.

Mobile Live Casino

So how does it work? Do you need a dedicated live casino mobile or tablet to be able to use this service? Of course not, as long as you have a fairly stable internet connection, you can play from virtually any device and in many cases you do not even need to pull down an app.

Now this is of course an exception rather than a rule, but many casinos have chosen to mobile adapt their websites instead of forcing you to download something separately, which in some cases affects the live casino offer.

The existing gallery with live games for mobile is of course a little smaller than the equivalent on a computer as not all developers have dared to venture into this niche yet.

One of the more stable choices to look for is Playtech and their titles as they largely try to mobile adapt everything they release, which many forward-thinking mobile casinos have picked up.

Mobile Live Casino vs. Computer

Mechanically, mobile live casino and computer do not really differ at all and the fact is that from mobile and tablet you can even play at the same table as a computer player, at least for most developers’ titles. The most significant problem is instead the interface which on many phones can feel extremely sketchy and cramped, especially when it comes to the card games offered.

Playing Roulette on mobile is the preferred option for many on the phone and with good reason then it requires minimal screen space to be able to play in comparison to the sibling games.

If you sit on a tablet, you obviously do not have the same space problems, but both here and on the previously mentioned phones, video and sound quality can sometimes be a little lacking.

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