90agency February 29, 2020
Play online keno

With several millennia of age, Keno presents itself as well as a game as a tradition: it was created in China, from the time of the Han dynasty, around the year 200.

Today, this form of Chinese lottery is very well known to Western people, and many are attracted by the fixed winnings it offers, but also by the possibility of easily winning money. In addition, these days, it is no longer mandatory to move: you can try your luck in a few clicks on the website of WinningFT.

You learn very quickly how to play Keno by reading the game sheet: it has all the numbers from 1 to 80 and, to participate, you have to tick 20. Thereafter, the amount of the reward depends on the correspondence between your figures and the draw: the more there are identical numbers, the more you earn.

When filling out the grid, Keno winnings are fixed in advance. You are free to select your winning multiplier coefficient between 1 and 10, and make a bet that can pay off big. Obviously, choosing these multipliers means paying more at the cash register.

Many people dreaming of becoming millionaires with the games are looking for the odds related to the numbers, to try to tick those that fall most often on their grid. You can have fun reading statistical studies on the subject: they are very easily found on the internet.

Some note the numbers drawn day after day, and draw up percentages for each of them, which makes it possible to see which figures are coming back more regularly to the front of the stage. This can help you find inspiration to fill out your grid, but keep in mind that this is not an unstoppable recipe for winning. It would probably be too good.

If Keno really appeals to you and if you want to practice it, know that there is an online simulation mode, which costs you absolutely nothing and which can help you test your different techniques in real conditions to simulate your winning.

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