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Play and Win Roullete Game

Have you always wanted to play Roulette, but never had the opportunity? Take it easy: now you can play Roulette online.

One option sought by players is free Roulette. That is: you do not need to bet real money to play. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants to try out how Roulette works, to train or to understand how the game works.

Types of Roulette

Before you start betting on a good online casino, you need to understand what types of Roulette:

1. American Roulette

2. European Roulette

3. French Roulette

But what are the differences?


  • Account with 38 holes
  • It has a space “0” and a space “00”, so the casino has a double advantage over the player
  • The house edge is around 5.26%


  • It has 37 holes, numbered from 1 to 36
  •  is only one space “0”, the 37, in green and white
  • The house edge is around 2.7%


  • The main difference with French is its visual part, in the layout
  • You can bet on more than one number in this type of Roulette

What Is the Best Roulette?

American Roullete is the least recommended. As the house’s edge is greater, the chances of you losing also increase.

In the long run you will feel the difference in your pocket. They will suffer less defeats when compared to the game played by Americana.

In European Roullete, the low numbers (1 to 18) and the high numbers (19 to 36) are fairly distributed.

How to Play Roulette Online

To play Online Roulette you will need to start with the most basic: register with a trustworthy casino site like TBSBET.

Registration is usually quick, with only certain personal information required. When opening the account, you will need to make an initial deposit.

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