90agency April 11, 2020
play live baccarat

Due to the presence of live dealers, Baccarat game is a lot more fun to play. Especially you can contact the live baccarat dealers and other players at the baccarat gaming table via live chat.

Via live streams you can see different playing surfaces of the gaming table and you can easily follow all the actions the dealer makes at the gaming table.

The Baccarat rules in the live casino are usually the same as those of Punto Banco. As soon as you deposit money into your casino account for the first time, you will receive a nice welcome bonus. You can also use the bonus money at the live Baccarat gaming tables.

Usually you deal with the live dealers of Playtech and the live dealers of Microgaming. More information about the dealers and their previous training can be found on the website of the live casino software developers.

Have you never played Baccarat game before? Then try one of the Baccarat variants in the online casino before gambling for real money in the live casino. You will see that this game is quite easy to play and money can be bet on the player, on the bank or on a tie.

The live Baccarat dealer deals two hands, one to the bank and one to the player. Players can then bet on the house (bank), on the player or a tie. A draw is less common, so the payout of a draw is always higher than that of the bank or player.

The best two-card combination is 9, and with a score of 0 to 5, you are given the option to purchase an additional card. If the player wins, the payout is 2:1 and if the bank wins, this is also 2:1 only it is then necessary to pay 5% in commission costs. In a tie, the payout is 9:1, which means that betting on a tie can bring the highest winning.

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