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Baccarat Real Money

Baccarat is an exciting game between the bank and the player. This is the game for the real pros. At Baccarat, two hands are dealt – the Bank’s hand and the Player’s hand. Prior to each round, the player may bet on which hand comes closest to the 9 points.

The player can also bet on a tie (the player’s hand and the bank’s hand have the same value). You can find this game in both physical casinos and online casino in many variations. You can play different types of Baccarat, Live Baccarat and even Baccarat on your mobile or tablet.

The Baccarat Game Feature:
 Payout percentage: The theoretical payout of Baccarat is 98.94%
 Type of casino game: Table game
 Which Table Game: Baccarat Pro
 Number of decks of cards: Baccarat Pro is played with 8 decks of 52 playing cards that are shuffled before each round.
 Betting Limits & WINPLAN
Baccarat Pro bets can be made with chips of 1, 5, 10 and 50 dollar. Multiple bets with the chips are possible and you can also combine them.

The minimum bet per round is 1 dollar and the maximum bet is 100 dollars. You can bet money on the 3 options: BANK, PLAYER or TIE. You can go for one of these options but you can also bet on two on all options three bets if you want.

By placing your mouse on the win sign on your play screen where the MIN and MAX bets are displayed, you can see the paytable.

You can adjust a number of game settings yourself while playing. You do this by clicking on one of the two icons at the bottom left of your screen. You can adjust the following settings:
 Sound
 Sound effects
 Background music
 Speed
 Game history (only available while playing for real money)

This way you immediately start playing this exciting game. As soon as you open the game you see the table with the different bets on it. At the bottom left you see the fact sheets that you can click on and then determine your betting amount. Click on the card of your choice and then place it on one or more of the bet fields. By clicking on the gray chip with the red-cross you can change a bet.

If you are ready for the promotion, click on the SHARE button. Both the player and bank are dealt two cards face up. Depending on the value of these cards, a third card is dealt. You will then see the result in your screen. Your won money is added directly to your balance. You can then continue playing by placing a SAME BET or placing a NEW BET. Good luck!

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