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Playing Real Money Blackjack Optimally in Malaysian Casinos

The fact that the dealer automatically wins when a player goes bust is actually a pretty big advantage. If you play as the dealer does and stay at 17 or more and draw on everything else, this advantage will be played out to its full potential.

Blackjack players have the ability to stay whenever they want, as well as use other tactics such as doubling or splitting cards, and using these tactics significantly reduces the house edge, to as little as 0.60% with 4 decks and 0.68% with 8 decks of cards.

These relatively small house advantages are much better than in other popular table games such as roulette, and are the reason why card counting can turn the odds to the player’s advantage, as there is not much to compensate for.

Malaysian players who prefer more favorable odds will therefore be more attracted to games such as blackjack, craps and baccarat over roulette, casino poker, video poker or slots, if this is what is most important to them.

The key to playing blackjack as efficiently as possible is to keep the dealer’s face-up cards in mind, giving the player valuable information on when to stop or continue. If we as players go bust, we lose, but if we do not and the dealer goes bust, then we win. We therefore want to give the dealer the chance to go bust when the odds are more likely that this will happen.

Since there are four times as many cards worth 10 than other values, some starting cards, namely 4, 5 and 6, will lead to the dealer going bust more often, given that they will draw more than one card in these cases. It is correct in these cases to stay at 12 or higher, and if the dealer has a 2nd or 3rd, to stay at 13 or higher.

If the dealer has 7, 8, 9, 10, or an ace, the player simply stays at 17. These are simple rules to remember, and in themselves lead to the house advantage against you being as small as possible. Players can use other tactics such as always doubling on 11, doubling on 10 unless the dealer has 10 or an Ace, and doubling by 9 if the dealer has 3 to 6.

It takes a little extra work to remember this, but it is not optional if you want to play blackjack as well as possible, because otherwise you make decisions that are contrary to mathematics, and it is mathematics that decides.

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