90agency February 25, 2021
Premium Roulette for Singaporeans and Malaysians

Roulette is one of the most popular games in any casino. It has existed for centuries and players can make many different bets, depending on the roulette variant and bankroll.

Online casinos have taken the classic to a new level: There are now more variants than ever before. The game principle has remained the same for all roulette variants, but different rules apply to the individual games and thus different chances of winning.

Premium Roulette is designed to improve the look of the online casino tables. As mentioned with the above mentioned Immersive Roulette games, a redesign and improvement of the technology has been used to give the players the best possible user experience.

The game is no different from the standard format, regardless of whether it is European, French or American. They still have the same table layout, bets, and wheel as any other roulette. You also get the same house edge for these bets. So what has changed now?

The premium version gives the user the opportunity to edit and change the chosen layout of the game. There are three main areas of change here:

  • The direction in which the bowl rotates (clockwise / counterclockwise).
  • The color of the table.
  • The amount of information you see on the screen.

The idea behind this is that you can customize the roulette table to suit your needs. If you want, you can hide the paytables, oval display and even the latest winning numbers. You have the opportunity to adjust everything individually to your taste until you get exactly the arrangement with which you are also satisfied.

If you are now looking for a slimmed down version of roulette that exactly meets your requirements, you should definitely try Premium Roulette.

Would you like to play roulette now? You can now play real money roulette with SAGaming, the best casino in Singapore and Malaysia.

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