90agency February 26, 2020
Punto Banco Strategy

Using a strategy at the Punto Banco game is very easy to do by paying attention to the bets you make. This is not about whether you win or lose during the game, but how everything is determined in advance.

You use a certain betting pattern to create as much as possible the chance of winning for yourself. It’s about applying the right tactics. You play by placing your bet in certain units. You can write this down in advance to use.

You can make good use of the 1, 3, 2, 4 system when playing Punto Banco. This is all about winning or losing because your strategy will depend on it. The moment you win a round with your first bet you will have to bet an extra unit.

With the second bet, you will then play with 3 units. Then it goes without saying that you will again play with 2 units and then with 4 last. If you lose you just go back to the bet of 1 and it starts again from the beginning.

You continuously follow system 1, 3, 2, 4, which minimizes the chance of losing money. With this, you can build up a big advantage for yourself against the casino and bring down the advantage of the casino itself.

Playing according to a certain strategy in the Punto Banco does not mean you are guaranteed to win. Using a strategy is entire without obligation and of course always possible to try. You can always choose to make a system your own by trying it in a free game.

Hereby you are sure that you will not lose any money and you can get to know the game and the strategy in the easiest way possible. Do you dare to apply this strategy for money then play now in one of the online casinos?

You also have the option to choose to play in a live casino. Then apply your strategy to a table where you play live images in a fun casino.

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