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Roulette Betting Options

When playing online casino games you can come across several terms that indicate certain things or actions. Of course, not only against the software, but also if you are going to play live casino games.

We have set up this page to familiarise you with the many roulette betting options that are used. With us you will find all the roulette betting options that you need to know and that make playing easier. After all, playing online roulette is more than just putting a few chips on a gaming table and seeing if your bets match a winning number.

Backtrack: When the ball is thrown into the roulette wheel, it first turns on the ledge of the top. This is called backtrack or balltrack. As soon as the ball loses speed, it will only hit the cylinder to fall into a number.

Black Bet: The explanation of Black Bet naturally has everything to do with the bets that can be placed on the black numbers in online roulette.

Neighbour Bet: When playing European Roulette you may have to deal with a desk game, which is also called Neighbour Bet. If you are going to bet on such a desk game, you choose a series with numbers that can be found next to each other in the cylinder.

Column Bet: On the playing field you will find numbers 1 to 36 divided into columns of 12 numbers. You can place a bet to the right of numbers 34, 35 and 36, but you can also place a column / column bet on 12 consecutive numbers within the playing field.

High Bet: When you place a bet as an outside bet on numbers 19 to 36, this is also known as a High Bet. This is because they are the highest numbers on the playing field.

Line Bet: You play this bet if you want to play on 6 numbers simultaneously. For example, by playing on the T split on the side at numbers 3 and 6 you can make a bet for numbers 1 to 6, for example.

Odd Bet: With an Odd Bet, European Roulette is played on the lower numbers of the playing field, i.e. 1 to 18.

Split Bet: With a Split Bet, 2 numbers are played at the same time, with one half counting for one number and the other half counting for the other number. A bet on 6 and 9 at the same time could be an example.

Street Bet: A Street Bet is a bet on 3 numbers. For example, do you put your chip next to number 24? Then you play on the numbers 22, 23 and 24 for a price. So this is half of a Line Bet.

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