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Roulette for Real Money

Anyone can beat roulette as long as they are lucky. Statistically, the roullete wheels always has the advantage, which is why the casinos are so eager for us to play it.

Unlike poker or blackjack, the roulette table more or less depends on odds. So it may seem difficult to consistently win at roulette and you really shouldn’t expect to learn how to do that.

You might be lucky enough with roulette by betting your money in the right place. If you continue to bet, sooner or later you will lose your money as the roulette game has a mathematical advantage of 2.63% over the European and 5.26% over the French and in America this is called “the sharpest edge of the house”.

How to win at roulette by increasing your winnings?

The following roulette tips and tricks can all help maximize your chances of winning at the roulette wheel. These methods of winning at roulette should be used together, as by themselves they will not greatly increase your chances of beating the roulette wheel.

Set Your Bankroll

Once you have lost the first money at roulette it is easy to be tempted to keep playing until you win back your lost money. This is dangerous in itself, as you may not be lucky and you will continue to play until you run out of money.

Practise with Free Roulette Game

The roulette is not a very complicated thing to understand, but if you have never tried to play it it can be difficult to see the whole overview.

Without experience it is easy to get confused about where to place your bets and if you don’t see the overview then you are very likely to make mistakes.

You would be wise to play a demo roulette game before trying to win at roulette. By doing this you can develop your own strategies for beating the roulette wheel. Almost all online casinos offer demo accounts.

Always Play European Roulette

If you want to win at the roulette wheel, you should always prefer the European version over the American one. Most online casinos have both versions of roulette, so unless you are particularly interested in losing at roulette, you should always opt for the European one.

Roulette looks like a game that is purely based on luck, but in reality there are strategies and tricks that ensure that you can win at roulette and start earning real money.

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