90agency February 28, 2019
Singapore Gambling News

With the increasing popularity of the Bitcoin system in the digital domain, some online casinos have decided to introduce this cryptocurrency as a payment option for their users.

Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular, not least because cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips today and are being used by more and more people. In short, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are virtual money, money that only exists in digital form.

The first Bitcoin network was created in 2009. However, Bitcoin entered the mainstream market as a new, modern and independent currency only in 2011. This currency differs from other traditional currency types such as the US dollar, euro and pounds in that it is a so-called “crypto currency”.

Since the Bitcoin rate is constantly changing, it is not safe to say whether it is better for you as a player to use Bitcoin as a currency in the online casino or not. Of course, the relative value of all regular currencies also changes, but the volatility is far from as dramatic as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin casinos offer their users complete anonymity in gambling. Most of the time, the only information you ask for is just your email address. This is necessary for the sole reason that the casino can give its benefits a new password in case it gets lost.

As a modern currency of the digital information age Bitcoin offers the possibility to have absolute control over the own bankroll. But there are other advantages that other payment methods can not offer. In principle, the lack of any obsolescence of money is one of the biggest advantages – both for the online casinos and for the players who choose Bitcoin casinos.

So if you use one of the Bitcoin casinos, you do not have to worry about annoying fees. Both sides benefit from this, because if online casinos make losses or incur additional costs, then you change the chances of winning, to the detriment of the users.

At Bitcoin Casino, depositing is very straightforward. Start the deposit process and enter the amount that you want to deposit. The casino then automatically converts the amount of money entered into Bitcoin. Now activate your wallet to complete the deposit. You can then start playing immediately, as the money will be credited to you directly.

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