90agency July 15, 2020
Bet Options at Live Roulette

Playing roulette has quite a few betting options. This may all seem a bit difficult at first, but you will notice. If you are going to play in a real casino then you should approach the croupier if you want to play a desk game as betting on it is quite difficult for the beginners. Then the croupier puts it down for you.

But with live casino Roulette this is no longer necessary, because the computer puts everything in the right place for you. Of course, you can still chat with the croupier and the pit boss to find some distraction between games.

Straight Up: This is the most basic bet you can make in Roulette. You bet one chip on one number. The chance of winning is minimal here, so your profit distribution is maximum. If you win, you have a payout of 35 times your winnings.

Red Bet: With the red bet you bet on a red number. This is almost a 50% chance, but not entirely because the 0 is still in between. In this case you get your bet back as a win.

Black Bet: You can also choose to bet on a black number. With one chip you will get a profit of one chip back, since the chance that you win is almost 50%. If the zero falls on a black bet or red bet, the player gets half his bet back.

Even Bet: Just as you can choose between colors, you can also choose between even or odd numbers. With the even bet you bet that the number on which the ball ends is an even number. If this is the case, you will get a profit of one time your stake back.

Odd Bet: The odd bet assumes that the fallen number is an odd number. You can also bet on that. If you win here you will get a profit of once your bet back.

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