90agency September 3, 2020
Against Illegal Online Casinos?

Online casino is a perfect place to make money. However, it is difficult for online gamblers to know whether an online casino is legit or not.

Winning at online casinos doesn’t necessarily always mean getting your hands on money. When this happens you have a big problem. You are not entitled to any form of legal assistance. This is because you are in violation yourself when you gamble at these casinos. So there is certainly a chance that you will lose your deposited or won money just like that.

You may lose your entire account or they may misuse the personal data you have provided. An illegal online casino will probably not guarantee that they handle your personal data responsibly.

It may also be the case that the online casinos are not monitored by any authority at all which further increases the risk of abuse or misconduct. So in many cases you have no certainty when you play at these types of online casinos.

The best thing you can do against illegal online casinos is not to play with them. Of course, this does not help much in practice since you can play from all over the world.

Can I report illegal casinos?

Of course, you can report the illegal casino to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). A number of forms of illegal gambling are mentioned here. This also includes “offering games of chance via the internet”. A fairly large group of providers is therefore immediately included. In principle, it is already the case that offering a game of chance is prohibited if no license has been issued.

You must complete a short questionnaire, in which you describe what the illegal activity entails and who offers this activity. Try to provide as much information as possible. This makes it easier for the MGA to investigate the report. If you wish, you can choose to make your report anonymously.

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